Class costs include books, pre-class materials, and all costs for the 10 day class. All students must register and send $100 registration fee before attending.
Total tuition including the registration fee $3,200. The balance is due on the second day of class unless prior arrangements are made with Steve at registration. Students may pick up books prior to class by special arrangement. Call 203-327-6824.

Tuition Payments
If necessary students may make up to three payments for the balance of the tuition. $1000 on day 2, then $1100 on the fourth day, and the remaining balance on the eighth day.

If you are a veteran with benefits or working under any rehab programs with your state, there may be financial aid available. Contact them for details.

If for any reason you decide this course is not for you at the end of day one, students can drop out and won’t be charged any additional fees beyond the $100 registration fee.

Continuing Education 
The school offers over 40 different courses approved both by the State of CT Department of Consumer Protection and New York. These courses meet annual continuing ed requirements for licensing renewal.

The school through Stonehollow Inc. offers internships for graduating students in blocks of 10 inspections at $125. per inspection. Students are required to keep a journal and commit to performing their required 100 inspections with the school. This process takes time and students should understand that this may take depending on schedule, 8 months to a year to complete. Total cost is $12,500.